VHG Adds New VHL League Division

Posted on September 23, 2023

Over 18 Female 3v3 VHL 

This 3v3 league is designed for any female over 18 that is seeking to play a fun and fast game on a smaller ice.

This league is a great way to stay sharp, stay in touch with old teammates/friends, make new friends/connections and most importantly have fun!

League games will occur from Mid-October to the end of March which means we have 20 plus weeks to play the 16 games. Once we get a feel for the individuals in the league, we will build a schedule that works for the majority.


Noon-1 pm on Sunday’s


$350.00 taxes included for sixteen (16) 1 hour games

Eligible Ages

Females born in 2005 or older

Lottery Selection Process

Individuals will have until Friday, October 6th at 11:59 p.m. NST to submit their name for participation in the program. You can submit the application by completing the blank VHG form found at the bottom of the page and sending that to Jeremy Kavanagh via email at (kavy@vhghockey.ca

Once the registration window closes, teams will be selected, and you will be contacted shortly after for more information on the league. Our goal is to have two (2) team of nine (9) skaters per team.


Please contact Jeremy Kavanagh (kavy@vhghockey.ca)

Registration Form