Things You Might Not Know About Terry Ryan Junior

Posted on January 19, 2024

One of the hottest names in hockey across the globe right now is the 47 year-old from Park Avenue – Terry Ryan Jr. Don’t believe me? Ryan was the most searched name on Hockeydb the other day. Ahead of McJesus, Bobby Orr, Gretter… anyone who’s ever played, for crying out loud!

Here’s a couple things you might not know about the former 8th overall pick on planet earth (a classic quote from Terry himself), from a person who’s played on multiple teams with him.

#1 – He Gets To The rink EARLY.

We’re not talking 2.5 or 3 hours early, either. We are talking 2:30-3 pm for a 7:30 pm start. I’ve showed up and seen him divulging in a local newspaper, or Rolling Stone magazine many times.

#2 – He’s a Great Athlete.

“T Bone” (Terry has a lot of nicknames) was – and still is – one of Canada’s all-time greatest ball hockey players. Terry has played on multiple Team Canada Men’s Ball Hockey teams, and has won men’s national titles with the “Black Horse” of NL and “Black Knights” of Quebec. During the summer, he’s played senior ball for decades.

2010 Black Horse – National Champs. TR on the left with the ‘C’.

#3 – He Might be the Original “Read out the Starting Line-up in the Locker Room” Guy.

You see NHL players reading out the starting line-up on social media; some are good, but none are as good as Terry’s. Especially when he’s in the starting line-up, because he will usually chirp himself. See example below;

“ladies and gentleman we have a treat for you this evening, at left wing, the former star of road hockey rumble (some reality show that probably paid him $18 to make a cameo) and Mister December (from some black market publisher that exists, but no one has ever heard of) Terry Ryan Junior!”

He would always be last in the starting line-up, followed by a “ladies and gentleman, lets, play, hockey” (at the top of his lungs), to a rousing ovation from the boys.

Note*** road hockey Rumble was actually a show. Click here for more details on it.

#4 – His Parents Basement on Park Avenue Is Better than Some Museums.

You’ll enter on a landing, with stairs going to the main level on the left and stairs to the basement on the right. As you walk down the stairs to the basement, the walls will be lined with (but not limited to);

  • pictures of Terry with celebrities like Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman
  • newspaper clippings from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s
  • framed ticket stubs from epic concerts

The basement is packed with old vinyl records, jerseys, and artifacts from yesteryear. It’s not a big space, but when you’re in there, you will feel like you took a train back in time. A midnight train, going anywhere if you will (Journey lyrics).

#5 – He Remembers Everybody, Every Game, Every Combatant.

Terry (and his dad) are very intelligent people. Terry Senior was a teacher for many years and Junior has a Bachelors Degree in Folklore from Memorial University. Both guys memories for their hockey careers are on a Doctoral level, though. Just pick a random fight – lets go “Cam Russell, Chicago” (fight here). Terry will tell you how it happened, then tell you a story about every player in the scrum, then tell you about the linesman who broke them up, what he had for dinner before the game, and what bar he went to after the game.

#6 – He Has a LOT of Tattoos.

He’s told me how many, but I can’t remember the exact number. Even one on his head – it’s a star, at a (very) after hours tattoo parlour here in St. John’s.

Looks like he’s got some new tattoos (Shoresy one looks fresh)

#7 – He’s a Great Team-Mate.

I doubt that you will find 5 guys who say that Terry isn’t a great team mate. I remember being on the road with him in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan back in 2014, playing for the Black Horse at Men’s Nationals. Terry, myself and Brad Yetman were rooming together at the time. I was a little banged up from the game we played that day, so Terry slept on this make-shift bed (it wasn’t even a cott, it was like a couple of random blankets and pillows from the beds) between the 2 queens so Brad and I could get a better rest. For a former pro hockey player who was drafted ahead of Jerome Iginla to do that for us speaks to the type of guy Terry is.

#8 – He Loves Oldies Music.

Terry’s daughter is named after a Beatles song, and between Junior and Senior, they probably know more about the Beatles than Paul McCartney.

So there you have it. Some facts about “TR” that you might not have known a couple of minutes ago. Terry is a heckuva story-teller, but that is common knowledge; just go to a bookstore and pick up a copy of “Tales of the First Round Nothing” (I’m a footnote in there somewhere) or “Fights Film and Folklore” (his 2nd book).

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Until Next Time