Guide to Registering Online @ VHG

Posted on March 8, 2024

Hello All –

Looking to register online @ Vision Hockey Group? Follow the steps below for the optimal experience!

Step 1 – go to our main page @ . If on a mobile device, there will be a purple icon in the top right-hand portion of your screen saying ‘Menu’. Click the Menu icon. If on a PC or laptop, you will see a ‘register here’ tab at the top of the page. Click there.

*** If you see a green button saying ‘start’ on the top of the page, this is an ad and is not part of the registration process.

*** Do NOT click on any ads on any page. Those are placed there automatically and have no impact on registration. You will not need to “create an account” on our web site to sign up for our programs.

Step 2 – go to and scroll down the page. You will see program offerings (example – Winter ’22 U9 Learn to Play) with a purple button underneath the offering saying “click here to register”. Click the purple icon, which will take you to a new page brought to you by “Formstack”. If the registration link does NOT look like this

“” or some variation of this, then you are NOT in the right place.

All VHG registration forms will have a URL line that features “.formstack”

A proper registration form will

*** have a vhg logo at the top

*** ask hockey-related questions such as hockey position, last team/league played in, and sometimes jersey size

Step 3 – Fill out the information and hit ‘submit form’ button at the bottom of the page. When you hit ‘submit form’, the screen will show a checkmark and the screen saying

“thank you, the form was submitted successfully”

If you see this screen, you have registered. Your credit card will not be charged right away; VHG will process those payments at a later date, depending on the payment option that you chose.

Thank You!