1 Reason Why Any Team Could Win a Tight U15AAA Male Provincial Title in 22-23

Posted on November 6, 2022

After sneaking in some U15AAA action on the road yesterday, it is blatantly obvious that – like in U18 Major right now – there is no clear-cut favourite to win Provincials. Here’s one reason (and one reason only) why each of the 4 teams in U15AAA has a good chance at winning the provincial strap

Disclaimer*** this is a fun article meant to showcase one aspect of each teams game that I consider a strength***

The Central IcePak could win Provincials because of….SKATING. Make no bones about it – Central have some absolute burners on their team. Jaxon Ingram (’08) can push defenceman back with his straight line speed down the wing. Anthony Hurley (’08) is an effortless skater who crosses his feet over beautifully. Just about every one of Central’s forwards looked to at least be able to ‘skate the level’, and I was even more impressed with their overall mobility on the back end. This was my first viewing of Quinn Price (’08), and as far as skating goes, his gaps and quickness stood out. This teams record according to the league web site is 4-7-0, but the Ice Pak have beaten the first place Eastern Hitmen in their own barn so far.

The Eastern Thunder could win Provincials because of… TALENT. Just look at that forward core. The Thunder have scored 5 goals or more 5 times in their first 11 games! This is a very deep team up front, which is highlighted by the fact that a player like Parker Banks (’09) – a first year stud – couldn’t crack the Thunder’s roster but has potted 6 points in 5 regular season games as a call-up. The Thunder have an absurd 33% PP efficiency rate on the young season… that is a heavy flex right there.

The Tri-Pen Ice could win Provincials because of…. GOALTENDING. Tri-Pen have a dandy goaltending tandem of Andrew Akerman (’08) and Sam Pitcher (’09). Akerman is consistent and was one of the stronger goalies in this league in 2021-22 as a first year (my opinion). Sam Pitcher (’09) is capable of doing this to people every night – see below compliments of High Button Sports:

Simply put, no team wants to get in a peeing match with Tri-Pen in a one game, winner-take-all scenario because of goaltending like this. Both Ice goaltenders are more than capable of sending a team home unhappy with a stellar performance come the Spring. The Ice knocked off both Eastern teams in the November ’22 meet.

The Hitmen could win Provincials because of…. WILLIE MOE. Willie Mo Pena – former slugger for multiple MLB teams? No sir-e. We are talking Willie Mo Morgan, the 2nd year U15 man outta Holyrood that has been crushing hopes and dreams of local AAA teams the past 2 seasons. Outside of his 5 GAA hiccup vs Central in October, Morgan has given up a grand total of 6 goals in his past 4 games. These are dead ball baseball era numbers! In fairness to the rest of this team, the Hitmen are perennially solid at all positions and 2022-23 is no different. Couple that with a great deal of experience standing on the pine in Wally Bray, and the Hitmen will likely be in the mix when the dust settles this Spring.

Pena – Great fantasy baseball waiver pick-up if ya needed a dinger in a pinch

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